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This is How To Manage Your Period: According to Ayurveda

Ayurveda views food as medicine. While food isn’t the only “cure” to the woes of PMS for most women, it can help aid the body. At least a severe level of PMS can be decreased to bearable.

Ayurveda can guide you through your period as every woman can agree they aren't the easiest time of the month to deal with. Keep on reading for tips to manage your period according to the Ayurvedic doshas.

Vata: Day 1-5

Vata is the force that regulates all downward movements in the body, pushing the menstruation down and out of the body.

If your Vata is out of balance, it will manifest as PMS, headaches, digestive problems, pain during intercourse, fatigue, anxiety and insomnia; indicating the need for some data balancing properties.

You can balance Vata during your period by taking some 'me time', creating space to recharge. Try to avoid anxiety-inducing stimulants such as alcohol or caffeine. Calming and nourishing herbs such as licorice and ashwagandha can help strengthen and support your adrenal glands.

Kapha: Day 4-14

The Kapha stage of the cycle is all about building the endometrium (the membrane that lines the inside of the uterus). Estrogen is the hormone that builds and increases the tissue-restoring strength to the body and preparing it for conception.

If your Kapha is out of balance, it will manifest as symptoms such as fluid retention, breast tenderness, weight gain, back ache and general heaviness.

Herbs such as turmeric and aloe vera can be helpful during this time to remove and stagnation. Shatavari is a strengthening and nourishing herb that supports estrogen balance throughout your menstrual cycle. Enjoy warming herbal teas and opt for an exercise routine that will stimulate sweating and movement of circulation.

"Shatavari is a strengthening and nourishing herb that supports estrogen balance throughout your menstrual cycle."

Pitta: Day 14-18

Pitta is the main dosha involved in the ovulation and luteal phases. This is the stage where the body prepares itself for new life. Pitta fires up our body in readiness for conception through a peak in progesterone. As the blood channels and menstruation are connected, this causes extra heat in the system leading to skin irritations, headaches, diarrhea and irritability.

To help balance Pitta during this time, it's important to give your liver a helping hand by increasing the amount of colorful and cruciferous vegetables you eat and incorporating movement into your day. Aloe vera, turmeric and spiraling can also be helpful.

If this was at all interesting and helpful to you, please leave me a comment and share with others. Let's spread the info and live a balanced life together. Healing naturally.

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