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My Journey

I was raised to believe that your worth is defined by how much money you make and how successful you are. As soon as I graduated from university, I began my quest for just that. I worked at some of the leading FMCG companies in the world. I was challenged, taken out of my comfort zone and I was paid well for it. 

What I had to give up was my health and any form of work-life balance. Eventually I started hating my life. The never-ending rat race. It never really bothered me because I wasn't the only one in it. I only noticed its negative impact when my life started to trigger my health. I was overweight, acne covered my face, my hair was falling out and I could not sleep.

I was so stressed that my body was literally feeling it. All of it. I decided the only way to get my weight under control was to workout like crazy and diet like crazy. That led to years of food fear and even more stress. 

Overtime, I have been able to find balance and be in a place where I accept my body for what it is. Through meditation I was able to take back control of my life. I took the risk and did what no brown girl would do. I quit my full-time job to pursue a life of fitness, health and wellness. 

I created this platform to help YOU live a balanced and mind(full) life. Because it exists! Outside of societal expectations.

You are always in control.  


Rhythm Cycling from Absolute Cycle

Pilates Reformer from Absolute YOU

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

ISSa Certified Sports Nutritionist 

About Me: About Me
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