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California Knows Good Matcha

Okay let me say this here CALIFORNIA DOES MATCHA BETTER THAN LONDON. Don't get me wrong, London does have a few good matcha spots but when it comes to California, literally everywhere you go, everywhere you can expect to get good matcha.

If you know me you'll know matcha is a part of my personality and I have been blessed to consume very high quality matcha in my lifetime. Living in Asia, I have been spoiled by authentic Japanese matcha. And now that I live in Europe, I am trying to find the same (or at least remotely the same). So you can trust me when I say, I know good matcha. We don't have room for inadequate matcha.

I had a quick new year trip to California which included Los Angeles and San Francisco and I was so excited to try all the beverages. In 2024 I am trying to consume less coffee and I am quite proud to say that as I write this (on 19 January, 2024) I have not had coffee at all yet this year! #whoisshe

I just wanted to share all the matcha that I consumed in these 2 wonderful cities.

All the matcha consumed in LA

Girl standing in front of Hollywood sign

All the matcha consumed in SF

Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco

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