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London Loves Oat Milk

Coming at you with my first blog post in a new country! I'm in London baby! London baby!

London is such a familiar place for me but it feels brand new right now. It could be the fact that now I'm making London my home rather than just being a visitor (or even a student). It's also a blessing that I've been welcomed with sunshine and summer festivals.

It has been a total of 1 week in a new city, new home and this blog post is what I have to say about these last few days.

Creating New Routines

If you know me, you'll know that I'm a sucker for a routine. Always have been. One of the things that is helping with my big move to London is maintaining some sort of routine. Starting small like lemon water in the mornings, all-natural almond butter for breakfast and snacking, continuing my skincare regimen; to name a few.

When you move to a new place, you don't have to do new things. You can do the same things, just in a new environment. I used to think that moving across the country would mean giving up on my routine (a routine that I absolutely love btw). While I still haven't quite figured out yet what my London routine will look like, I feel a sense of safety being able to do some of the same things I've always done (and yes, snacking on almond butter straight from the jar is one of them).

Living in the Present

Are you a planner? Do you make to-do lists? Are you always looking ahead rather than living in the moment? I'm asking because I do this and I know I'm not alone.

One thing I am definitely going to try to be better at is just enjoying where I am. Leading up to this point took a lot of planning ahead and waiting, hoping, wishing. I finally made it here. And I'm going to enjoy it all now. It's time to enjoy every single day as it comes and not try to plan everything out. So the next time you speak to me and ask me how London is, don't be alarmed when I say 'I'm taking it day by day.' Because that is literally what I am doing, one day at a time. Living in the moment, as it comes.

I am Independent Woman

Moving to a new country and away from your friends and family forces you to go outside of your comfort zone and create a new sense of independence. You have to learn how to navigate your new life on your own and make decisions for yourself that you may not have needed to in your home country.

This feels incredibly exciting but also slightly overwhelming at the same time. Being so far away from home does make me feel a little disconnected. However, as I become more settled in my new home, I'll embrace all of the new opportunities as they come.

It's all about creating new memories whilst staying connected to the ones back home.

Life Goes On

I recently read something that really stuck out to me, give my current situation (and incredibly applicable to this blog post), 'Accept that life goes on without you.'

As your life changes, so will the relationships you had in your home country. You don’t get to see your friends and family as often as you like, the time difference can be a challenge, and it might feel like your old life is passing you by on social media. But this is also an opportunity to form a deeper connection with your loved ones back at home. You learn who your true friends are as relationships can strengthen or fail with distance.

To keep up with my life in London, make sure you're following my Instagram, as that definitely gets more regular updates than this site.

Have you had experience living in a new country? Or is there anything from this post you resonated with? I'd love to read your thoughts in the comments section and if you know anyone that might benefit from this post, please share!

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