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How to Find a Good Fitness Coach & 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Are you looking for a fitness coach to make your fitness journey easier? Congratulations, it's a good thing that you have finally decided to invest in someone who can improve the quality of your life. But wait! Before you fork in some cash and make an investment, you need to have a clear idea of what you are looking for.

Let's be very straightforward -- bad coaches exist, and there is no running away from it. Wonder what I mean when I say "bad"? Bad doesn't necessarily mean evil; it simply means you don't fit together. Fitness is a journey, and if you and your coach don't fit together-- it will be a very bumpy ride!

No worries! In this article, we will delve into steps that will allow you to find the right one for you.We will be listing down some of the mistakes you must avoid if you are looking for a fitness coach to help you in your journey.

Guide to finding your RIGHT one!

Trust us when we say the RIGHT coach can make all the difference. Let’s say , you have invested in a coach and you cannot open up about your struggles or worse, you are not comfortable with the results that you are getting. Well, who wants to spend six months of their life trying to get fit, only to realize they have been doing it all wrong.

It's the worst.

Now, let's get into the guide that will cover ways to find the perfect fitness coach for yourself both online and offline.

Here's the catch-- you have to have a better understanding of what you want!

1. Understand your goal.

Yep, that means we're going to pick some goals in the first place! It would help if you had a better understanding of what you are looking for. What is your goal-- to lose weight? Or gain muscles? Or something else?

So start by picking your goals and then determine if the trainer you're paired up with is the right fit for you. It's like dating -you can meet somebody amazing but not right for you.

Your goal will largely determine the type of fitness coach you're looking for.

2. Find an expert in the field.

A dentist and an oncologist are specialized in different aspects, but they are DOCTORS. Similarly, depending on your goals, you need to find someone who is good in that field.

Excellency in one area does not necessarily make them a good fit in another! So make your choice wisely!

Once you know what you want and how long you need help, you can pick out one that will hopefully work for you. It can be that simple.

3. Have a conversation

Now that you have decided what you need, it's time to have a conversation with them. It can be online or offline, but you have to understand how the coaches work, their strategies and most importantly, who they are.

Wonder how you decide that after a conversation? Listen! What do they talk about- about themselves or their journey, or their achievements.

Pro tip: A good coach will listen to you and your worries, ask questions to understand your problem, your medical history, food habits etc. If the coach talks about themselves instead of 'you -RUN!

4. Experience and Credentials

It would help if you always looked for their experience and credentials-- no ifs and buts. A personal fitness coach is known as 'Personal' for a reason.

You should make sure that the person you are investing in has enough experience and credentials to bring you results. Or else, it would be similar to throwing your money out of the window! Oops! That hurts!

Pro tip: Talk to their existing customers or past clients. Lookup for reviews if any!

5. Cost

You don't want to invest in someone out of your budget, do you? Let's say you hired someone who is out of your budget. And the next month, you go broke.

The result-- you have to stop your training. Fitness is a long term journey, and a month of investment won't give you the results you are looking for.

So, what would be better- investing in a place that you have to stop your coaching next month or go for someone in your budget?

Pro tip: Go for someone who comes in your budget. If you cannot go for a solo session: don't despair; you can go for someone who offers excellent semi-private sessions too.

Five mistakes to avoid while investing in a fitness coach

Before investing, you need to understand how things work. You can end up with a bad coach if you don't take the coach hunt seriously. So do some legwork and find them. Wear your Sherlock hat and avoid making any mistakes.

Still, stumped? Here are five mistakes to avoid-

1. Blindly following what your coach tells you without making sure you fit together!

A good fitness coach LISTENS to people and hears their stories.

A good fitness coach ASKS for your food habits and medical history.

A good fitness coach SETS proper expectations without sounding fitness like a marathon!

Anyone otherwise; is not someone you should invest in!

2. Not investing in someone who is result-driven

Your trainer should be result-focused, not focused on scheduling you a new session to get another paycheck!

So make sure your trainer focuses more on driving results with a proper schedule rather than bushing around.

3. Not making sure that they are on the same page

Professional chemistry is a thing now! You cannot get results if you and your coach are not compatible. The right coach will make sure that you are in this together and make room for you to share your struggles. The right one will make you comfortable and explain the process.