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How to Drink Water the Ayurvedic Way

3 Tips on How to Drink Water and Stay Hydrated the Ayurvedic Way

Yes there is a right way to drink water and it's not just to drink more of it. You have definitely been given the advice to "drink more water." Whether it be from a medical professional or even just a friend.

Our body is mainly composed of water (about 60%). This water is stored both inside and outside our cells and it helps carry nutrients to various organs of the body by dissolving them in it. The water in our bodies is also responsible for transporting and removing waste and toxins from the body.

When you drink water abruptly after experiencing symptoms of thirst or dehydration (dry lips, color of urine; to name a few) it is highly likely that all of that water that you drink is not being absorbed into the body. But rather simply coming out the next time you use the bathroom.

According to Ayurveda, we need to reabsorb the same amount of water that we lost. Here are 3 easy tips to follow to correctly rehydrate and absorb water into our bodies.

Tip 1: Switch to Lukewarm or Warm Water

When you drink water, it cools down the enzymes in your digestive system which in turn effects the digestive process. It does not allow for the toxins to fully drain from the body.

Tip 2: Add These Ingredients to Your Water

1 teaspoon of mineral or Himalayan sea salt

Lemon juice

Chia seeds

All of these ingredients helps the body to absorb water better.

Tip 3: Drink 1-2 Mugs of Water the Moment You Wake Up

While we sleep, our body works to eliminate the previous day's waste which is why some of us feel the urge to go to the bathroom as soon as we wake up.

Drinking warm water first thing in the morning helps the body to flush out toxins effectively.

I'd love to know if you are already doing any of these tips. If you try them out, leave a comment telling me your experience.


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