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Welcome to probably one of the most (W)holistic pages you'll ever come across. 

I have always strived to live a balanced life and my quest for seeking that balance led me to become incredibly imbalanced. Looking back, it affected every aspect of my life. I was constantly getting sick, I had no control on my emotions, I was always stressed and I had ZERO love for myself. 


I created this page and this community to help share all that I have learned on my journey thus far. The importance of seeking healing within yourself first. Inner happiness, inner peace, inner love. It all starts within you. 


Ever since discovering Ayurveda, I discovered balance. A kind of balance in my life that I had never had before but always dreamed of having. By understanding what my body type was, I was able to make changes that led to an overall balanced life. 


I still fall out of balance at times and it just goes to show that life is not linear, it is made up of highs and lows but it's how you react in the low moments that defines your highs and ultimately your life. I hope you find things here that you resonate with and I am always available to connect more with you and share my knowledge of Ayurveda and living an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

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A Life Rooted in (W)Holistic Balance

To live a happy life is to live a life of purpose. My purpose is to make people feel good. Whether through my fitness classes, my social media platforms, or in-person.

Hi, my name is Nandini Sehgal and you can call me Dini. I am a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, rhythm cycling and pilates reformer instructor, mindfulness coach and an Ayurvedic wellness practitioner. 

I created this platform to help educate people to become more mindful in all areas of their lives. To take a zoomed-out look at themselves and find areas where there might be an imbalance leading to one not feeling fulfilled in their life. This is not a meditation platform. This is a place to help you find ways to live a balanced life that does not rely on any external factors to do it, it all starts from YOU. 


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Your FREE guide to start the practice of daily meditation in only 3-simple steps!

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Put your mindfulness into daily practice and take back control to live the life of your dreams. Try this daily guide that helps your visualise your current mental state, where you are and where you want to be.

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Free Dosha Quiz

We’re all comprised of unique energies, called Doshas in Ayurveda.

Your Dosha is your mind-body type and will inform you of who you are, the best foods for you,

your ideal self-care, how you are in business, relationships and the world.

Click below to take a free dosha quiz in order to discover your Ayurvedic mind & body-type.

Until I create my own quiz, I am providing the link to Sahara Rose's. I have found that her quiz if the most accurate and helps differentiate between your mind and your body's dosha, both aren't necessarily going to be the same.



Guided meditation led by Deepak Chopra.


This meditation really helped me in becoming more aware of my daily thoughts and emotions. It helped me make space for abundance and to practice gratitude daily. Each meditation starts with a 'centering thought' and you are given a mantra to chant continuously as you meditate.

Try it out! Videos below...